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This is a component of the Visio DC_Rack Project




This vs2010 project demonstrates a number of concepts that can be used in developing applications in support of Visio network diagrams. In this project we will make further use of the data model that we have been using in previous projects. For a brief introduction of the data model check over here

An overview of this project can be found over here

Since the video was created, the component attributes have been wrapped in a ‘list’ shape prior to being encapsulated in a container.



This project was constructed using

· MS Visual Studio 2010 Professional (released)

· MS Visio 2010 Professional (rtm x86)

· MS Office 2010 Professional (rtm x86)

· Enterprise Library 5.0 released

The project has two external files included. The two external files are a custom Visio stencil and an Excel workbook with sample data for the creation of the drawing. The sample data is saved in separate worksheets

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